Waxing Tips



Most client/s would take 2 pain relievers 30 minutes before their waxing procedure and some of them would apply at the same time a topical numbing gel for tooth pain like Ambesol which you can get over the counter at the drug stores. Please make sure you are not allergic to the medication.

We suggest not to have your waxing procedure, specially with brazilian, on your cycle or 3 days before and after, since your skin is sensitive during this period due to enlarge blood vessels. However, we will be able to wax you even on your cycle with tampoon on.

If you think your skin is dry and sensitive for brazilian/bikini waxing procedure, please apply baby oil to the area 30 minutes before your brazilian/bikini procedure. This will make the wax adhere to the hair only and not to the skin. Do not apply oil to the body.